Bryan Cranston Reveals He Once Purposely Spat On A Teenager Using His Phone While The Actor Was Performing In A Broadway Play

Bryan Cranston will go to extreme lengths to make sure you’re not looking at your phone during his plays.

The 63-year-old appeared on Tuesday’s “Late Night”, where he told Seth Meyers about the time he noticed a 16-year-old kid wasn’t paying attention during a production of “All the Way” on Broadway.

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Cranston explained while bobbing his head up and down, “There was a kid about 16-years-old right in the front row, in the middle and he was doing this.”

He continued, “It was catching my eye and I walked over to see what he was doing and I looked down and saw that he had his phone.”

“I started to get a little angry [before I] realized that my next speech was a fiery one, filled with anger and vitriol and spittle!”

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The actor then positioned himself right in front of the kid in question, admitting his spit was flying everywhere, much to the teen’s dismay.

Cranston revealed how much he loves to interact with shy audience members during his shows.

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