The last time Dana Carvey sat down with Howard Stern on his SiriusXM radio show, the “Saturday Night Live” alum claimed that his “Wayne’s World” co-star Mike Myers lifted Carvey’s impression of “SNL” exec producer Lorne Michaels for Dr. Evil in his “Austin Powers” movies.

“When I first got on ‘SNL’ no one I knew was doing him,” Carvey told Stern back in 2016. “When I saw Mike do it, I did kind of go, hmm.”

Making a return appearance on Wednesday’s edition of “The Howard Stern Show”, Carvey now says that, thanks to therapy, he has forgiven Myers for the alleged impression theft.

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“The pinky thing was a made up thing,” Carvey, 63, said of his impression. “Lorne doesn’t do that, but somehow it fit. The pinky thing I did do.”

Asked if he had ever confronted Myers about it, Carvey admitted they “never really talked about it.”

Carvey has, however, spoken about it with his therapist, something he said has helped him immensely. “There are a lot of moments in my life I wish I was more directly straightforward,” he said, adding, “I’ve basically let it go.”

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Carvey, who appeared alongside Myers in numerous “Wayne’s World” sketches, two feature films and even co-presented together at this year’s Academy Awards, praised Myers for his “Austin Powers” creation.

“I have to say that the construct of Austin Powers was brilliant,” he said.

Asked by Stern if he ever gave Myers a call to tell him he was forgiven, Carvey quipped, “I haven’t done that. I would like to do that on national radio.”