Wesley Snipes is letting the world – and Marvel – know he wants in on any eventual reboots of the vampire-slaying “Blade”; series.

Snipes brought the role of the half-human, half-immortal vampire slayer to life in 1998 and in two subsequent sequels. Now, with Marvel dominating the superhero landscape, a reboot of the character seems almost inevitable.

The 53-year-old Snipes took to Twitter to announce that he’d be game for any eventual reboots, if Marvel will have him in their universe.



Snipes has kept himself in physical shape in the nearly two decades since “Blade”; first hit the big screen, so a return to the character or rebooted series wouldn’t be too far fetched, though with the actor’s age, the possibility of future sequels would likely be limited. Snipes last appeared as Blade in 2004’s maligned “Blade: Trinity”;, which came with stories of behind-the-scenes drama on set and Snipes’ apparent refusal to ditch the character when the cameras stopped rolling.

It’s not unlikely that Snipes could appear as a character other than Blade or in a cameo role should Marvel decide to reboot the franchise with a new actor in the lead. While Snipes isn’t shy about announcing his eagerness to return to the role he made famous, Marvel hasn’t revealed any future plans for the character. If a reboot is in the works, it’ll likely be years before we see Snipes, or anyone, take on the role. Marvel has already revealed their jam-packed slate of films through July 2019.