John Cusack doesn’t need anyone telling him when to stand and pay his respects at a baseball game.

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On Wednesday night a Twitter account posted a photo from a Chicago Cubs game showing Cusack remaining seated during a “military salute.”

The actor, who has been outspoken about his anti-Donald Trump politics, fired back at the tweet, suggesting that he did stand up, but not “fast enough for some mega f**k.”

Cusack added that Wrigley Field [sic] “don’t even have taste,” pointing out that the salute and their scoreboard featured branding by Boeing, which manufactures weapons.

The 52-year-old continued in another tweet, calling his critics “Flag sucking halfwits” and “mega deathkkkult freaks.”

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Cusack also took a shot at Trump, as well as further criticism of Boeing and the Republican Party.

Later, Cusack called out Fox News for their “hit job” on him in their write-up of the story.