Lizzo Talks ‘Representing The Under-Represented’ And Being A Positive Role Model With Her Music

Get ready for the year of Lizzo.  The 31-year-old singer is poised to take over the music industry with her empowering anthems like “Juice” and “Good As Hell”, spreading love and positivity. Now, with the release of her debut full-length album Cuz I Love You, the singer tells ET Canada’s Roz Weston she’s ready to “represent the under-represented.”

“Now that I’ve become more mainstream. Everybody is getting my music and I’m just so happy now that big black girls like me are hearing my music,” she says during a sit-down interview in Toronto.

“My music is actually helping people. So I want to help big black girls like myself,” she says, adding that it’s a “huge responsibility” to be a role model for many.

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“I’m a grown a** woman. And I know who I want to be. And I know who at least I think I am right now. I think that because I want to be a good person I don’t mind having the title role model or that flag given to me to represent people,” she explains. “I literally am representing the under-represented because there hasn’t been a big, or plus sized, black woman as a pop star, dressing the way that I dress, being in Playboy, and acting the way that I’ve acted since Missy Elliott.”

With her star on the rise, Missy Elliott is one of the famous people Lizzo has in her corner. Even after collaborating with Elliott on the track “Tempo”, Lizzo still can’t believe she’s become pals with the hip hop icon.

“It’s so strange because growing up I watched her all the time and I looked up to her so much. And I just dreamed… I never thought I’d be on a song with her,” she says. “It’s surreal for me to even say that!”

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But Elliott isn’t the only famous face Lizzo has in her corner. Aside from celeb fans like Christina Aguilera, Shawn Mendes and Tracee Ellis-Ross, one of Lizzo’s earliest supporters was Prince.

“He was like the only being like ‘Lizzo’s next. Y’all need to listen to her.’ And people were like sleeping on me!” she says of the late musician. Lizzo was featured on his 2014 song “BoyTrouble”.

Not only is Lizzo earning fans with her music, but she’s also winning people over by promoting body positive messaging and self-love.

“I always say that it’s so interesting that body positivity is a thing but body negativity isn’t,” she explains. “And I think it’s because body negativity is the norm. It’s what’s expected. So this body positivity is this novel idea. And I think it has something to do with consumerism and the media. Your whole life you’ve been taught to blend in with people, buy this to look better. So you never really feel complete and you never really feel happy about yourself.”

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