Howard Stern still thinks Donald Trump’s presidency is a joke.

The radio host sat down with Anderson Cooper on CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360°” and slammed the U.S. President, calling his presidential campaign a “publicity stunt.”

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“Well, first of all, it’s unbelievable to me,” he told Cooper. “And I and I’ve documented my thoughts about how this whole candidacy even came about. This was a publicity stunt.”

Cooper replied, “You have no doubt about that?”

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“It was a PR guy’s idea. He said, ‘Donald, what you need to do is we’ll make sort of a rumour that you’re running for president.’ And Donald was like, ‘Oh,'” Stern said. “So all of a sudden he was being interviewed. The book goes right to number one. When he had his second book came out, that’s when he decided to start the rumour that he was going to run for president. And then, this time around in the last election, ‘The Apprentice’ ratings were not what they were. NBC was not gonna give him a raise. And what’s a better way than to get NBC’s interest? ‘I’ll run for president, and I’ll get lots of press.’ And I think that’s what happened.”

And when Cooper asked if Stern “thinks he likes being president?” Stern replied, “I don’t think he likes being president at all. I think he liked winning the presidency. He likes to win.”