Snoop Dogg pays a visit to the Friday edition of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”, where he discusses his friendship with “Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party” co-host Martha Stewart.

In fact, Snoop tells Ellen that he’s actually stayed with Stewart at her Connecticut home, which he describes as being “so big, her horse’s house is bigger than my house.”

Ellen then poses a question to the weed-loving rapper. “Are you high now?”

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Snoop admits that he is. “Well, actually, let me say this, Ellen. Your bathroom is a nice hotbox area. I actually shot some footage on my Instagram that you can look at later on.” (As of writing, Snoop had yet to share that particular Instagram post.)

“Your bathroom has a direct pipeline into my dressing room, and I was smelling what was happening in there,” DeGeneres shares. “I was like, ‘Snoop is here for sure.'”

Ellen then changes gears by reminding Snoop that “fo shizzle” is the first word that learned from him, and asks him to teach her a new one.

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“I think your new word should be ‘monopolize,’ he responds.

“Oh, I know that word,” quips the host.

However, Snoop explains that there’s “a difference between monopolize and monopolize.”

According to Snoop, “that means that you poppin’ off or you droppin’ off or you gettin’ in or you’re spinnin’ off and you’re doing different things in different countries and you come back home and you stay on the air for three more years and you living your best life at the same time. That’s monopolizing.”

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In another segment of the show, Snoop chats about his Snoop Youth Football League, which gives inner city children the opportunity to take part in youth football.

As part of the show’s “Million Dollar May,” Ellen invites him to raise some cash for his organization by playing a game of “Snoop Ball” — and, not surprisingly, he earned the high score. Watch:

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