Kelsey Grammer is hard at work trying to get “Frasier” rebooted and he’s got plenty of potential ideas for it

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It was revealed last year that Grammer was in talks with CBS to revive the classic sitcom and on Friday Deadline caught up with the actor in London, where he was spotted carrying a “Frasier” script.

“That little folder is filled with six different ideas that are all in contention for what may be the new ‘Frasier’,” he revealed. “A continuation of ‘Frasier’. They’re similar, it’s a new life, in a new city.”

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Grammer also noted that one complication for the revival will be the death last year of John Mahoney, who played his father on the series.

“Of course, John Mahoney died so you’d need to replace that energy,” the actor said, “perhaps like they did on ‘Cheers’ with Coach, they found Woody, who had the same kind of sensibility.”

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