Jason Sudeikis and his other half Olivia Wilde teamed up to prank some unsuspecting Lyft passengers in an “Undercover Lyft” clip released Friday.

Sudeikis hopped in the driver’s seat to pick up a bunch of people in Los Angeles for a very good cause; the American Civil Liberties Union.

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The “Horrible Bosses” star even got actor Will Forte on board at one point, with the pair singing “Happy Birthday” to one lady who was turning 72.

Another girl recognized Sudeikis after he continued to quiz her on her last name.

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Wilde’s job, on the other hand, was to whisper directions into his ear.

The whole thing was filmed in a bid to raise awareness of the ACLU and promote Lyft’s Round UP & Donate campaign, which gives riders the option to round up their fare to support the charity.

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