Being interviewed for a Rolling Stone cover story is an honour for any musician, but for Taylor Swift the whole thing turned into an embarrassing — and potentially dangerous — experience.

During her Friday appearance on “The Graham Norton Show”, the “Shake It Off” singer described what happened when she was being shadowed by a journalist, telling the host that the writers of the magazine’s profiles tend to “hang out, so you hang out with the journalist for a couple of days,” admitting “it was a huge deal for me to have a cover on Rolling Stone.”

She elaborated: “You drive around, they’re sitting there, you go to lunch… it’s like a thing.”

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Determined to make a good impression on her interviewer, Swift says she told herself to “be your best self today. If you’re going to drive, drive the best you’ve driven.”

As Swift tells Norton and her fellow guests — “Dark Phoenix” stars Sophie Turner, James McAvoy, Jessica Chastain and Michael Fassbender — her plan was to “drive him, because that’s what I normally do — be your best self at driving.”

Unfortunately, she confesses, “I got in two car accidents, with him in the car. One was my fault, one was not. One was an ‘I’m sorry,’ the second was a ‘You’re welcome, I saved your life.'”

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Did the seasoned journalist riding next to her in the car react in a calm, cool and collected manner? Not quite.

She admits, “When we got sideswiped, I think he screamed out something like, ‘I have a new baby at home!'”

Meanwhile, Swift recently spoke with The Independent about her new single “ME!”, revealing she enjoys leaving hidden Easter eggs in her songs and videos to provide added fun for fans.

“I trust them to eventually unravel all of them, even if it isn’t until they hear the full album,” she explains. “That’s how I designed these clues, so that different ones would reveal themselves over time. I know this makes me sound like a frustrating, magical elf making people guess my name or something. If the fans tell me they’re not having fun with it anymore, I swear I’ll stop!”

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Her new single, she adds, is meant to be an entryway into a new musical path she’ll be exploring with her upcoming album. “I wanted them to see that I’m heading in a different direction musically than they’ve seen in the past few years. This song was to change expectations and be a bit of a palette cleanser before they hear more of this new project,” she divulges. “Plus, the chorus just makes me happy and lifts my mood when I sing it. I never want to be presumptuous, but I hoped it might do the same for someone who’s having a s**tty day.”