Emma Thompson On Having An Identity Crisis At 60: ‘The Eternal Question Is Who Am I?’

Emma Thompson may have just celebrated a milestone birthday in April, but it seems as though turning 60 has changed the way she looks at life and her career.

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While speaking with the New York Times, the “Late Night” star alluded to the fact that she’s suffering from an identity crisis nearly 30 years after first making her mark in Hollywood.

“There’s lots of these roles that are in fact imposed on you by society, for years and years and years, then you suddenly go — am I any of those things? And if I’m not, who am I?” Thompson said.

The British star has been through a lot in her life, from multiple marriages to becoming a mom and a queen of the box office. However, nothing prepared her for the emotional toll she would soon be facing with becoming an empty-nester.

“The eternal question, which I never thought I’d ask, is who am I?” the Oscar-winning actress added. “I was always so sure. As it turns out, I have no idea.”

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Thompson added that before she retires, she’s determined to have some questions answered about herself and her place in the industry. “I have some questions that I hope to answer in the next 10 years,” she said.

However, the “Saving Mr. Banks” star expressed that she still feels as though women’s roles in front of the camera are still not at the place they should be.

“If you get born into this body, it’s a different journey, whether you like it or not,” Thompson expressed.

“Women now invent the weapons and shoot the weapons and are tough and not allowed to cry,” Thompson said. “We skipped from being in the kitchen to being in the tank, and there’s nothing in between. So we still have failed to explore and bring to the screen what being a woman is.”

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