Roz Talks Songwriting With Raine Maida

Raine Maida may best be known as the lead singer of Our Lady Peace, but he’s venturing out into solo territory for the second time.

He tells ET Canada his upcoming album was inspired by an autograph from beat poet and performance artist, John Giorno: “I had a book of poetry of his and he signed it. He put this little quote in that says “we all get lighter’ and that really resonated with me.”;

His latest album aptly called, “We All Get Lighter”;, was a very personal project for him. “You have to be authentic,”; he reveals. “The songs that I don’t like to play anymore really didn’t strike a chord. They were a little forced.”;

This album is sure to be authentic since his wife, Chantal Kreviazuk, helped with the album. “She’s been busy like crazy, songwriting, lately,”; he admits. “When I had 15 minutes with her, I would drag her into the studio and get her to play piano or get her to sing”;.

As for who this album is for, Raine says “more and more, having children now, it’s for them.”; He acknowledges that they may not listen to his music right away, but the music they are listening to is still important. “They love LMFAO. They’ll listen to that, and they should. They’ll dance to that Psy song like everyone else in the world.”;

Although he supports his kids listening to all kinds of music, Raine doesn’t like to listen to any music when he is recording his own material: “I do that on purpose, not to be influenced by stuff. And lyrically, I’m trying to tap into the deepest emotions I can and you need to be an open vessel to do that.”;

For more of our interview with Raine, watch ET Canada tonight!

– By Scott MacDougall

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