Dana Carvey is no stranger to outrageously surreal impressions of political figures, highlighted by his unforgettable “Saturday Night Live” takes on the likes of President George H.W. Bush and candidate Ross Perot, and he brought a new impression of America’s current president to his Friday night visit to “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon”.

As Carvey and Fallon discussed the upcoming 2020 presidential election and more than two dozen Democrats currently in contention for the nomination, Carvey admitted he’s waiting to see who emerges as frontrunners before starting to work on impressions.

“You keep your powder dry,” said Carvey, “because you don’t know who’s gonna be there in two months.”

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Discussing his theory that Americans always swing in the opposite direction when electing leaders, he demonstrated his gift for creating exaggerated yet perfect impressions without even using words..

Candidate Pete Buttigieg, Carvey contended, is the opposite of the current president, and demonstrated by offering quick impression of Trump consisting of a series of stuttering grunts, nonsensical sounds and jerky hand gestures as Fallon drops his head on his desk, collapsing in laughter.

“This is the sound of Trump,” quipped Carvey of his impression.

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Then, Fallon began doing his Trump, using nothing but sounds, bringing the viewers the spectacle of duelling Trumps before Carvey’s impression morphed into a bizarre song-and-dance number as he sang, “Crazy, crazy, crazy, crooked, stupid, crooked, stupid, crazy, crazy…”

In addition to later showing off his impression of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders as a cranky crossing guard, Carvey also joined Fallon for the deliriously weird “Legends” sketch, which also featured comedy writer Robert Smigel (a.k.a. Triumph the Insult Comic Dog) — watch:

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