Emily Ratajowski Shows Off Her New Puppy On ‘Fallon’

Just like every proud pet parent before her, Emily Ratajowski wanted to show off her new pooch.

The model and actress was appearing on “The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon” where she brought along her 9-week-old puppy Colombo.

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“He’s a total mutt, but you can see from his paws he’s going to be a very big boy,” Ratajowski said while cuddling Colombo in her lap. “So I think one day I might have to bring him back, you know when he’s a full grown man.”


Ratajaowski is a pretty big star herself, but now her pup is stealing the spotlight. “My whole perception of New York is different because people are coming up to me and they’re like, ‘Hi, can I get a picture?’ and I’m like ‘Yeah, sure’ and then they’re like ‘…of your dog,'” she said laughing.

The lucky dog even gets serenaded by the brunette beauty. “I sing to him all the time. My favourite track is Beyoncé’s “Baby Boy”.

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As one of the stars of the upcoming film “Lying And Stealing” alongside Theo James, Ratajowski also plugged the film.

“It’s a story of sort of a heist-ey type guy and I play a bit of a female con man who lies about her name,” she said. “And we kind of pair up to kind of take on the bad guys. It’s fun.”

“Lying And Stealing” hits theatres on July 12.

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