Matt Damon and Christian Bale were the honorary starters at the Indy 500 on Sunday.

The two climbed the flag stand where they watched the flyover before waving their green flags to start the race.

Kelly Clarkson was also on hand to sing the National Anthem.

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It wasn’t all fun and games for the two actors, the races perfectly fit in with promoting their film “Ford v Ferrari”, a story about two men who tried to give Ford a competitive advantage over Ferrari during the 24 Hours of Le Mans race in France.

The “Batman Begins” actor was asked how the Batmobile would do in the Indy 500. “It might have a slight advantage in that it can jump over things. I don’t know if that’s legal,” Bale responded laughing.

“The problem is the only person on your pit crew would be Michael Caine,” added Damon.

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“The Indianapolis 500 is the largest single-day sporting event on Earth, so it’s fitting that global icons Matt Damon and Christian Bale will be in the flag stand on May 26 to send the field of 33 cars charging toward Turn 1,” Indianapolis Motor Speedway President Doug Boles said in a statement. “Matt and Christian are used to performing in the brightest spotlight so we know they will enjoy this special role at the world’s greatest race.”

Past green flag honours have gone to Chris Hemsworth, Chris Pine, Jake Gyllenhaal and Patrick Dempsey.

“Ford v Ferrari” hits theatres on Nov. 15.