Michelle Pfeiffer Heads To Capitol Hill To Support New Cosmetics Law

Michelle Pfeiffer is using her voice to lobby a bill that would raise the amount of oversight on the cosmetics industry.

As a board member of EWG, she joined EWG President Ken Cook on Capitol Hill to support the Personal Care Product Safety Act, put forward by Sens. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) and Susan Collins (R-Maine).

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Currently, cosmetics companies do not have to register with the FDA, “submit cosmetic ingredient statements, adopt good manufacturing practices, provide access to safety records or report serious adverse events when they occur” reports EWG.

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“Thanks to Sens. Feinstein and Collins and other congressional leaders for taking on such an important and overdue cause to clean up the cosmetics industry,” Pfeiffer said in a statement. “Companies should not be allowed to use hazardous ingredients in products people use and apply to their skin every day. As a parent, I am particularly concerned about the ingredients in products marketed toward infants and children. Parents and expectant parents deserve to know that the soaps, lotions and other products they put on their kids’ skin is free of toxic chemicals.”

The “Scarface” actress walks the talk having recently released her own fragrance line, Henry Rose. It is the first fragrance collection that is entirely transparent with its ingredients.

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