‘Killing Eve’ Season Two Cliffhanger And The Future Of The Show

*This post contains spoilers on ‘Killing Eve’ season two finale

The second season of another hit BBC show wrapped on Sunday and in typical form, it left fans on the edge of their seats.

“Killing Eve” ends with Villanelle angry that Eve doesn’t want to do things her way so she shoots her. Is Eve dead?

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Vanity Fair sat down with Executive Producer Sally Woodward Gentle to get the details on the cliffhanger and what season three would bring.

Villanelle and Eve became much closer in the second season but “we wanted to remind people that even though Eve might think she’s safe, we know she isn’t,” Woodward Gentle said. “And the other thing that we wanted to do was point out that even though Eve may commit a heinous crime, she is not a psychopath. She still has a moral core—and she will still be repulsed by what she has done.”

The choice to have Villanelle shoot Eve is evidence of how quickly Villanelle can change who she is.

Woodward Gentle told Deadline, “Who knows what’s going to happen in the future — whether [Eve] is even alive or whether they could be together happily after.” But does admit they do “have a sketchy map with little bits coloured in various places” for season three already.

Sandra Oh (Eve) also spoke out about the shocking finale to Entertainment Weekly. “We’ll see if Eve was fine — later….” adding that the final two episodes of season two “were so emotionally difficult for me, so profoundly difficult.”

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Like Woodward Gentle, Oh skimmed on the details of season three. “How can you come back when you really know the truth about someone? Honestly, I’m trying to figure out: how does Eve come back to any of her life? I don’t know yet. We’re going to work that out. Or not. If she survives,” she taunted the fans.

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