Miley Cyrus Talks About Her ‘Outrageously Out There’ Episode Of ‘Black Mirror’

Miley Cyrus is bringing a dose of star power to the upcoming season of “Black Mirror”.

In the episode “Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too”, the singer plays a pop star named Ashley O, who is struggling with fame and addiction.

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“This is the story of females in the music industry,” Cyrus told BBC Radio 1 Newsbeat in a new interview. “I understand everyone’s gone through this, but I do think for females in the industry… it’s hard to be taken seriously. People assume that if you’re not wearing a bodysuit and singing pop music, why would anyone want to see you.”

Cyrus also called the episode “outrageously out there and dark,” adding, “We love anything about the darkness of technology. I love that.”

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In the episode, Cyrus also voiced a rob-doll based on Ashley O, which becomes a friend to her fans.

The new season of “Black Mirror” premieres June 5 on Netflix.

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