Jessica Chastain Documents Hilarious Run-In With A Horse On Social Media

Jessica Chastain got a little too close to a New York City horse.

The actress, 42, ran into the animal on a stroll through the city on Sunday when the animal got a little to close for her liking.

In a hilarious video posted to social media, Chastain says she “can’t believe that I survived,” the encounter.

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“Are we allowed to touch the horse,” the “Dark Phoenix” actress can be heard saying in the clip. “I don’t want to do anything to get you upset.’

And after a quick pat on the head, the horse went straight for Chastain’s chest.

“Oh! Oh. That horse just bit my boob,” she revealed. “Literally, just bit my boob. Alright, I’m not petting you.”

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Chastain’s latest project, “X-Men”‘s “Dark Phoenix”, hits big screens June 7.

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