Jada Pinkett Smith Talks Love, Fear And Ego In Marriage To Will Smith

Jada Pinkett Smith is continuing her extremely candid conversations with her mother and daughter on “Red Table Talk”.

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In the latest episode of the Facebook Watch series, Pinkett Smith opens up about her marriage to Will Smith and how her ego sometimes gets in the way.

“I’ve done some very unloving things to people that I love because of my fear and my ego,” she says to her daughter Willow Smith. “Because once my ego kicks in, we in trouble. That Jada, baby, she ain’t cute.”

Describing that side of herself, the 47-year-old says, “She’s a vicious one and she’s mean. Even in my pain, I’ve had to learn to be more open, more honest, more vulnerable. Not go to the space of ego and lay it down. Will and I had a conversation recently that love and fear are fraternal twins. Any time you’re trying to love on a deep level, you’ll come up against the vicious face of fear.”

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Still, even throughout all the trouble, Pinkett Smith says it’s worth it to work hard in order to keep a relationship going strong.

“The reason why it is so important to me to be able to stick it out is to really get to the true meaning of love, in my opinion, it is unconditional,” she explains. “It has to be, because we are all too flawed. No matter how much work we do! It never ends.”

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