Ashleigh Cummings Says Her ‘NOS4A2’ Character’s Journey Is ‘Emotionally So Tumultuous’

Charlie Manx sucks the souls of children in “NOS4A2” and the television series also took a piece of actress Ashleigh Cummings.

Cummings plays Massachusetts high-schooler Vic McQueen in AMC’s new series. She touched on the “arduous” shoot in a new interview with Entertainment Weekly.

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“It was incredible,” she said of her time on the new series. “It was also extremely arduous, just because Vic’s journey is emotionally so tumultuous. But we had the most incredible cast and crew led by the wonderful [showrunner] Jami O’Brien, who is a superhero in her own right. To me, she’s the real-life Vic McQueen, without all the dark aspects of the character.”

AMC’s “NOS4A2” series is based on Joe Hill’s book of the same name. “I went to the source material a lot,” Cumming shared. “I mean, there were certain scenes that were literally taken from the book and placed onto the screen. The book did a lot of my work for me. I would take the subtext, or whatever Joe Hill brilliantly wrote she was thinking, and I would place it on my script, so I had the same thoughts that book Vic was having.”

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“We definitely changed up the character little bit, because Jami wanted to stay with adult Vic, but we still wanted to have that emotional l arc and journey,” she continued. “So, the 18-year-old Vic we meet onscreen is not the 18-year-old Vic we meet in the book. 18-year-old Vic in the book is much harder, colder. I think she has ice in her veins. But the Vic that we meet in our show still has a huge vulnerable soft heart. She has to learn to become the hero, I suppose, and she hardens over time, but we still have to create that journey.”

“NOS4A2” also stars Zachary Quinto as Manx. It premieres June 2.

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