Patton Oswalt And Glenn Howerton Try To Save ‘A.P. Bio’

The team at “A.P. Bio” is working diligently to save the show after it was cancelled by NBC.

“A.P. Bio” met its demise after two seasons on the network, but stars Patton Oswalt and Glenn Howerton are not going down without a fight. Oswalt, in particular, has been actively campaigning on social media to get the comedy series a third season.

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NBC cancelled the show on Friday and “#SaveAPBio” began trending on Twitter by Saturday. Howerton retweeted a post from celebrity fan Mark Hamill, and actress Paula Pell also spoke out. Oswalt encouraged fans to binge watch the show over Memorial Day Weekend.

“Trump destroyed Ted Cruz’s lifelong ambition of becoming president, humiliated him on a national and world stage, and broke Ted’s soul,” Oswalt tweeted. “Happy binge-ing!” he exclaimed with the hashtags “#SaveAPBio” and “#BingeBioOnHulu.”

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“A.P Bio” creator Mike O’Brien and executive producer Seth Meyers also shared their support for the series. O’Brien was particularly upset with NBC’s focus on overnight ratings. “None of you should have to apologize for how you watch it,” he tweeted. “The people airing the shows need to adjust to you.”

“I still see all the articles quote our ‘night of’ numbers,” O’Brien concluded. “Someone needs to post our DVR/streaming numbers and compare to other cancelled shows.”

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