Becky G Asks For Advice After Admitting ‘Travelling F**ks My Body’

All that travel is taking a serious toll on Becky G’s health.

In a new post on her Instagram Stories, the 22-year-old singer opened up about the ways in which her body has been affected by her life on the road.

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“This year I became extremely aware on how much [travelling] f**ks my body,” she wrote. “The results from it all have been low blood circulation, muscle cramps, dehydration, anxiety, and uncomfortable inflammation in certain areas of my body. I found my mental headspace becoming harder and harder to control with a schedule that is inconsistent with a healthy sleep schedule and time to decompress.”

Photo: Becky G/Instagram
Photo: Becky G/Instagram

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Becky also asked for advice from her friends and followers on how best to live a healthy life while maintaining a brutal travel schedule.

In the meantime, she wrote that she has started stretching twice a day, drinks two bottles of water each morning and writes in a journal.

Share your travel suggestions in the comments below:

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