Billie Eilish And Grace VanderWaal Join Fight Against Anti-Abortion Laws

Billie Eilish and Grace VanderWaal are using their platform to stand against the United States’ anti-abortion laws.

According to Variety, the pair are fighting for women’s rights, together.

Eilish and VanderWaal’s comments come after Alabama, Georgia and other Southern states passed restrictive laws against terminating a pregnancy, which backtracks 1973’s Roe vs. Wade movement.

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“Freedom for women — and their bodies,” VanderWaal, 15, said according to the outlet. “I was shocked, truly lost for words.”

She added, “Seeing everything that is happening, and as a young woman in America, it hurts my heart to know that women’s rights aren’t being fulfilled. I want everyone to stand together and say what’s right.”

And Eilish, 17, added some harsh words for those signing the bills, “I have no words for the b**ches in the f**king White House.”

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She continued, “It’s so unbelievable. Nobody should be telling women how to live their life, how to do s**t. Men should not make women’s choices.”

And VanderWaal agrees, “No matter your situation or what you’ve been through, women’s bodies are just that. Their bodies. Period.”



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