Jennifer Esposito has reportedly left the country after being hit with a $43-million lawsuit involving her gluten-free bakery, Jennifer’s Way.

The New York Post“s Page Six column reports that the former “Blue Bloods”; star left New York to spend time in Denmark after being sued by a group of investors — including her own husband, Louis Dowler — back in March.

According to a source, Esposito (who was once married to Bradley Cooper) “is taking off to Denmark for an undetermined amount of time.”;

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A rep for the actress told Page Six that Esposito “may vacation [in Denmark] but she has no plans to go indefinitely and the lawsuit is settled.”;

This isn’t the only legal action in which Esposito is embroiled; she’s also seeking a divorce from Dowler (a British model), alleging “cruel and inhuman treatment,”; with the divorce filing referencing the lawsuit.

“Like he did during the short-lived marriage to me,”; states Esposito’s suit, “Dowler now seems to be aligning himself with individuals he thinks could best earn him money.”;

While Esposito claims she was “pushed out”; of her own company after bringing in investors to expand the bakery, those investors, report the Post, claim that she’s now badmouthing the bakery and are suing her for $43 million.

“Esposito has instilled and promoted a groundless and downright false sense of fear that the very same products with the same recipes, coming from the same facility, that she once stood behind, are now unsafe to consume,”; states the investors’ suit.

However, Esposito came back swinging in a Facebook post, slamming reports insinuating she fled the country because of the lawsuit, refuting reports she “fled”; to Denmark and stating she’s still in New York — working in her bakery!

“Sadly the only scandal here is that you don’t do any research to what your writing and call yourself ‘news,'” she writes. “I’d actually love a vacation at the moment but am in my bakery where I usually am, baking as I do for the people of this community. Happy to educate you and come see me in ‘Denmark’ [at] 263 east 10th Street in NYC anytime.”

In addition, Esposito’s attorney has issued a statement claiming “the case has been dismissed in its entirety and although Jennifer surely needs a vacation she has not “fled’ anywhere. She is at her successful bakery in Manhattan and no plans for traveling or fleeing soon.”;