It looks like Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar ran afoul of the ABC censors on the Tuesday episode of “The View”.

According to Mediaite, near the end of the show’s first segment, Goldberg went off on Donald Trump for the insulting nicknames he’s given various political figures.

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At four points during Goldberg’s rant, the audio was muted, making what she was actually saying unclear to viewers.

In the show’s second segment, Behar also went on a rant against Trump over his attacks on Joe Biden’s record with black voters.

“Black people know about Charlottesville. And they know about him saying that–” Behar said before her audio was suddenly cut when she appeared to reference Trump’s comments on “s**thole countries.”

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“And all the racism, and all the stuff that he says,” she continued after the audio returned. “They know about it, I’m sure.”

Behar added, jokingly, “You can bleep that.”