Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe have a new feline friend.

The “Outlander” co-stars might be loving their new kitty co-star, Adso, but it’s causing a bit of a hilarious rift in their friendship.

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In a hilarious exchange on Twitter, the pair playfully argue over who loves the cat more.

“Nope. Not going back to work,” Balfe wrote to Twitter from set on Tuesday. “Sam Heughan, you’ll have to play Jamie and Claire today!”

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But Heughan wants “Outlander” fans to kno, that Adso is his cat.

“That’s my cat! 🙀” he joked.

The three co-stars — Heughan, Balfe and the adorable Adso — are currently filming the fifth season of the hit W Network show; a premiere date has yet to be announced, but fans are hopeful the Droughtlander will end later this year.