Jeremy Irons: ‘Muddled,’ ‘Overstuffed’ ‘Batman V. Superman’ Deserved Its Bad Reviews

“Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice”; overcame a rash of awful reviews to become a box-office blockbuster, but star Jeremy Irons says that those bad reviews were justified.

Irons, who played Bruce Wayne’s (Ben Affleck) faithful butler Alfred, tells the Daily Mail that he can understand why critics didn’t like the film.

“Deservedly so,”; he says of the critical drubbing the film took. “I mean, it took £800 million [US$1.17 billion], so the kicking didn’t matter but it was sort of overstuffed.”;

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He adds: “It was very muddled. I think the next one will be simpler. The script is certainly a lot smaller, it’s more linear.”;

Regardless of his opinion, however, Irons admits that he’s contractually obligated to reprise Alfred in upcoming sequels.

“I’m tied into The Batman at the minute,”; he explains, with the next film, “Justice League Part One”;, due in 2017, “which is nice because it’s a bit of income…”;

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