White Sox Employee Accidentally Hits Photographer With Hilarious Bad First Pitch

Working for a baseball team doesn’t automatically make you a great pitcher.

The Chicago Whites Sox’s employee of the month for May found that out the hard way during a game on Tuesday where she got to throw the ceremonial first pitch.

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With her right-handed throw, the woman ended up tossing the ball way off course, hitting the photographer Darren Georgia’s camera.

Georgia told NBC Sports that thankfully both he and his camera were perfectly fine, according to The National Post.

After the wayward pitch, White Sox pitcher Evan Marshall, who was meant to catch the ball, went over to comfort the embarrassed woman, wrapping his left arm around her.

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Earlier this month, Bruce Willis was booed for throwing an awful first pitch at a Phillies game.

The clip of the bad pitch quickly went viral on Twitter, with many comparing it to 50 Cent’s infamously terrible first pitch five years ago.


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