Jimmy Kimmel Finds Out Whether Young People Know How To Read A Clock

With digital watches and smartphones all the rage, it seems young people are having a harder and harder time reading old-school analogue clocks.

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On Tuesday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” the host decided to find out just how bad things had gotten.

Kimmel sent one of his employees out on the street with a classic round-faced clock featuring two hands and Roman numerals and asked young people passing by to try telling the time.

The results were hilariously dispiriting, with one young woman refusing to give a shoutout to her teachers at college, “because they’re going to be so disappointed that I have not read a clock like this since elementary school.”

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One young man not only got the minute and hour hands mixed up, he looked extra flummoxed when asked to tell whether it was “a.m. or p.m.”

“Last we checked, he’s still out there,” Kimmel joked.

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