Julianne Moore Still Paid Less Than Her Male Co-Stars, Admits It’s ‘Very Challenging’

Julianne Moore insists she still doesn’t receive equal pay compared to her male co-stars in a new interview with The Telegraph.

Despite being one of Hollywood’s most well-known stars, the 58-year-old said “Oh, no! Definitely not!” when asked if she got paid the same as men.

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She said that things might be a little different when it comes down to independent films, but added of mainstream movies: “In terms of other films, obviously it’s hierarchical. So if there are people who have bigger parts and are bigger stars they’ll be paid more.”

“But I think the question everyone is asking is, well even if it is hierarchical, and you have actors of equal stature and equal parts, then they should be paid the same. But obviously it’s very challenging,” the actress went on, according to the The Daily Mail.

Moore’s comments come after she spoke about gender parity at the Cannes Film Festival.

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She explains, “Women are not a special interest group, we are more than half the population, I think 52 per cent of the world population’s female.”

“In our steps toward parity, there obviously has to be some concentrated effort toward it because we’ve been cultured differently,” she adds.

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