Jillian Harris Talks Being Addicted To The Blogger Life, Admits She’s Been Spreading Herself Too Thin

Jillian Harris discusses everything from social media to spreading herself too thin as she speaks out on the Raw Beauty Talks podcast.

The 39-year-old gets emotional when asked, “What does healthy look like to you?”, saying how she doesn’t think she’s taking good care of herself at the moment.

Harris shares, “I think right now I’m spreading myself too thin, I’m working too much, I’m not getting enough sleep, I’m not eating enough, and I’m saying yes too much.”

“I haven’t enjoyed being out in public or having a social life since being on the ‘Bachelor’. I just want to make a real friend.”

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The Canadian star adds of the showbiz life, “You feel like you’re on the pedestal and there’s so much pressure to be this perfect person. Sometimes I just want to give someone the finger at a red light and hope they don’t recognize me.”

Giving advice to others, Harris continues: “Be perfect but not too perfect. Inspire people, but be humble. Be a good mom. Be a good business leader. Be a good boss but be a good story-teller.”

“Make people laugh but don’t say anything off-side or off colour because that could be sexist. It’s a lot of pressure. Somedays I feel on top of the world. Some days I feel like I’m spinning out of control.”

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She goes on to say of being addicted to the blogger life, “The problem is, there is an energy and a high that comes from what I do and it’s an addiction. My kids, my family, my health are the most important to me for sure but I’m slightly addicted to the high of this amazing career that I have.”

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