Jonathan Scott Plans To Adopt If He Doesn’t Meet The Right Partner: ‘I Think I Would Be A Great Dad’

Jonathan Scott has his five-year plan lined up.

The “Property Brothers” star, 41, is opening up with People magazine about  being single and wanting kids.

Scott split with longtime girlfriend Jacinta Kuznetsov in March 2018, but says being single has made him realize what he wants.

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“I’ve dated a lot in my life, and I’ve dated every kind of person you can imagine,” he explained. “I just want to be around people who bring energy and when you walk away you feel good about yourself and good about them. That’s it. The other people, I don’t need them.”

And while Scott is loving being single, he misses the connection of love, “I’m very blessed in a lot of ways. I can buy what I want and I can go anywhere in the world. But at the end of the day, coming home to that one person that you know has your back, there’s no better feeling.”

He added, “Where are all the sexy, cool, courageous women? Show yourself. Come on!”

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And now, more than anything, Scott says he wants to be a father: “I want to be a dad, so it’s important for me to have a partner who would play a key role in that.”

“When we film our shows I get along so great with the kids, and I like the idea that I can use what I believe to be good to shape the mind of a little human,” he continued. “I have said to myself that if I don’t find the right person I think I would probably adopt on my own, because I think I would be a great dad.”

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