Canadian electronic pop band Dragonette formed back in 2016 by Martina Sorbara and her husband Dan Kurtz. ET Canada has been with the group throughout the years and even had the band perform at our New Year’s Eve show back in 2013. But the pair have been keeping a secret from their fans: Two weeks after that New Year’s Eve concert they separated and Martina moved out of the couple’s home.

But with their fourth studio album Royal Blues coming out later this year, they could no longer live the life of being together in the spotlight…and alone behind the scenes. Martina and Dan sat down with ET Canada‘s Cheryl Hickey at Dan’s Toronto home.

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“We’ve actually never spoken about this [publicly], the fact that we’ve separated,”; admits Sorbara, “and so I don’t quite have the language yet. I mean, we’ve never talked about this.”;

“We ran into some problems,”; says Dan, “that we did not feel we could work on together in the same place. Nor did a lot of other people think we should work on the same place. And so Martina moved out.”;

The former couple are quick to point out that, while they are separated, they are not divorced.

“That’s a really ugly word,”; notes Dan. “It’s a really hard word to get around, to eat.”;

Dan was also quick to address questions of infidelity.

“I would say that part is entirely our business only. It’s one thing to answer to that personally, like amongst your friends and whatever else. But I don’t think that our responsibility to our fans extends to what happened inside our relationship.”;

You can watch the full story tonight on ET Canada.