It’s no secret that Arnold Schwarzenegger is a man of many talents, and the Austrian-born bodybuilder, movie star and politician just unveiled a new one: rapping.

The “Terminator” star appears in a new music video for Austrian singer Andreas Gabalier’s song “Pump It Up – The Motivation Song”.

In the new track, Gabalier sings about Schwarzenegger’s amazing life, tracking his journey from a bodybuilding champion to internationally famous big-screen action hero to California’s Governor’s mansion, and managed to entice the 71-year-old star to rap a few verses.

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“Hey, I’m Arnold Schwarzenegger and listen carefully,” Schwarzenegger begins.

“Dig deep down and ask yourself, who do you want to be,” continues the fledgling rapper. “Not what, but who — if you believe success will come to you, work like hell, trust yourself and all your dreams come true.”

Later in the video, which features clips from memorable moments in Schwarzenegger’s career, he raps another verse, managing to work in his signature “Terminator” catchphrase in the process.

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“Break some rules, knock the wall, don’t be afraid to fail,” he adds. “You have to think outside the box, I say no pain no gain, I don’t want to hear it cannot be done, always give something back. My name is Arnold Schwarzenegger and I’ll be back.”