Selma Blair has some fierce fans!

That was demonstrated after the actress shared a sweet photo of herself and director Rachel Fleit, who has no hair due to struggling with alopecia since infancy.

“We have one answer to your bad hair days or NO hair days,” wrote Blair, 46, in the caption to the pic, in which she and Fleit are wearing fabric head wraps, referencing Norma Desmond (portrayed by Gloria Swanson in Hollywood classic “Sunet Boulevard” and Edie Beale of famed documentary “Grey Gardens”, both of whom were known for sporting head wraps.

It didn’t take long for comments to start rolling in accusing Blair and Fleit of cultural appropriation, theorizing that the wraps worn on their heads were an insult to those who wear turbans for cultural or religious reasons.

“Has she not seen all the backlash with ‘cultural appropriation’? I mean…,” wrote one commenter, as reported by Yahoo! News.

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“You are so wonderful and I know you mean no harm, but this is serious cultural appropriation. I’d be happy to have a private conversation about how this is hurtful to Sikhs if you’re open to it,” another comment added.

“I have alopecia and would love to wear a turban,” another commenter chimed in, adding, “they are so beautiful but I’ve been told that since I’m white and non-religious it would be culturally inappropriate :(.”

However, Blair’s fans quickly came to her defence.

“First of all, Orthodox Jewish women wear something similar every day! We call it a tichel! They’ve been covering their hair out of modesty in this manner for over 3,000 years!” wrote a comment. “As Selma is a Jewish woman, this isn’t ‘cultural appropriation’ at all but a longstanding tradition of her people. What I find so ludicrous is the same people screaming about cultural appropriation are the ones who demand multiculturalism yet want none of it to rub off! Do you have a problem with either a Sikh or Hindu woman wearing jeans? Or is cultural appropriation somehow entirely unidirectional or even strictly based on one’s melanin or lack thereof? It’s ridiculous!”

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Added another defender: “I think @selmablair was just expressing her love for those with alopecia and her appreciation for the beauty of turbans. I truly don’t think she ever meant to be culturally insensitive. Looking great girl! Keep spreading the love!”

Blair took the backlash in stride, responding herself to some of the negative comments.

“This is not a Sikh turban or imitating one. And funnily enough, Sikhs absorb negativity, diffuse it. Tolerance,” she responded to one comment. “So none of these comments hurt. They may be not knowing what they write.”

She added: “A head wrap can be useful and beautiful in all cultures. Love, especially ones who need it.”

Meanwhile, Blair also shared some cheeky responses on her Instagram Stories.

Selma Blair/Instagram
Selma Blair/Instagram
Selma Blair/Instagram
Selma Blair/Instagram

In October 2018, the “Hellboy” star revealed she had been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, and opened up about the disease during an appearance with Robin Roberts on “Good Morning America”.

“I cried. I had tears,” she admitted. “They weren’t tears of panic. They were tears of knowing I now had to give in to a body that had loss of control. And there was some relief in that ’cause ever since my son was born, I was in an MS flare-up and didn’t know and I was giving it everything to seem normal.”