Iron Maiden is filing a lawsuit against a video game developer over trademark infringement.

The Guardian reports that the iconic heavy metal band are demanding $2 million in damages from 3D Realms over their upcoming game “Ion Maiden”.

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Iron Maiden claims the title of the game will create “confusion among consumers,” accusing 3D Realms of “attempting to trade off on Iron Maiden’s notoriety.”

The band alleges that the game’s infringement on their trademark is “incredibly blatant”, citing the title, as well as a skull icon that resembles their mascot Eddie, along with the game’s protagonist Shelley Harrison potentially being a play on bassist Steve Harris.

They also pointed to the fact that Iron Maiden has produced its own video game, titled “Legacy of the Beast”, and have provided examples of fans online assuming the band’s involvement with “Ion Maiden”.

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3D Realms responded to the suit in a series of Twitter posts, pushing back on some of the suit’s claims and noting that the game is still in development, with its official release planned for later this year.

3D Realms is best known as the developer behind “Duke Nukem” and “Max Payne”.