Cher Says Donald Trump ‘Belongs In Jail’ But Admits ‘Toy Boy’ Remark Went ‘Too Far’

Cher has no love for U.S. President Donald Trump, but she admits a recent comment she made crossed the line.

On Wednesday, the “Woman’s World” singer said Trump should be the “toy boy of Big Bubba.” Cher’s comment sparked outrage from some, including Piers Morgan. The English broadcaster called Cher’s tweet “disgusting” and accused her of wanting Trump to be “raped in prison.”

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“Disgusting,” Morgan tweeted on Thursday. “If she’d said it about Obama she would never work again.”

Cher, 73, has since deleted the tweet and addressed the backlash. She confessed the “toy boy” tweet was out of line, but insisted she was not apologizing to Trump.

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“This is not [an] apology, it’s a Cher ‘WTF Moment’. [I] don’t usually delete my tweets, but sometimes I need to check myself,” she tweeted on Thursday. “What I thought of as a stupid joke. On paper. [I] went too far. [I] think Trump belongs in jail, but [the] Big Bubba joke was wrong. If I tweet,I have a responsibility. There is a line not to cross.”

This is far from the first time Cher has lashed out against the U.S. President. Back in 2017, she called him a “coward.”

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