Bill Hader is living his dream.

The “Saturday Night Live” alum, who regularly impersonated “Dateline”’s Keith Morrison, finally got to meet his “personal hero” thanks to the “Today” show’s Willie Geist.

In a sneak peek at Hader’s interview with the morning show correspondent, fans get to watch Hader and Geist take over the “Dateline” studios by listening in on Morrison do his voiceover work.

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When the editor asks Hader what he thinks, Hader couldn’t contain his excitement, simply replying, “That’s pretty rad.”

“I can’t give him pointers,” Hader continued. “He’s the perfect, most perfect. He’s the master. I don’t know how you get better than…”

And before Hader knew it, Morrison was making his way into the editing booth to surprise the “Barry” actor, “KEITH MORRISON! I KNEW HE WAS GONNA BE HERE,” he yelled in the clip. “I KNEW HE WAS GONNA BE HERE!”

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Hader had previously chatted about the meeting with Morrison on “Late Night With Seth Meyers”, telling the Seth Meyers, “I met him today!”

He added, “It was like The Beatles… I was like, ‘AHHH!’ I was freaking out.”

Hader’s full interview with Geist will air Sunday.