The Jonas Brothers Accuse John Mayer Of Copying One Of Their Songs — While Eating Spicy Hot Wings

The Jonas Brothers are the latest celebrities to appear on YouTube’s “Hot Ones”, the only talk show around that poses questions to stars while they chow down on progressively spicier hot wings.

In between choking down ridiculously spicy wings, JoBros Nick, Kevin and Joe Jonas had a lot to share, including an allegation that John Mayer ripped off one of their songs.

“It’s funny you bring up John Mayer. He did kind of copy a song of ours. Little known fact. You can look it up on YouTube,” declared Nick.

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“So the story is he came to us at the Grammys years ago and was like, ‘I love your song ‘Lovebug‘,” he continued. “Two years later, he released a song and the chorus is literally the same, but with different lyrics.”

However, Nick said he and his brothers don’t hold a grudge. “It’s a compliment when someone does that,” he said.

In fact, fans had previously noticed a resemblance between “Lovebug” and Mayer’s “Walt Grace’s Submarine Test, January 1967” off his 2012 Born and Raised album, and there’s no mistaking the similarities in the songs’ choruses.

Now check out the chorus of Mayer’s track:


ET Canada has reached out to Mayer’s rep for comment.

Meanwhile, the interview also saw the Bros responding to a diss line from Jay-Z, who rapped about the band in his 2009 track “On to the Next One”.

“No I’m not a Jonas Brother, I’m a grown up,” Jay-Z raps in the song. “No, I’m not a virgin, I use my cajones.”

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Joe admitted that being name-checked in a Jay-Z song was “awesome,” but also pointed out that he had removed his purity ring by the time the song was released.

“Little does Jay-Z know, I used my cajones since before that,” he quipped, “so… joke’s on you, Jay-Z. Fact check your stuff.”

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