Judas Priest Frontman Rob Halford Kicks Cellphone Out Of Fan’s Hand Mid-Song

Cellphones have become an annoying fact of life at live music performances, but Judas Priest frontman Rob Halford is not a fan.

The lead singer of the iconic heavy metal band made that abundantly clear during a recent concert in Rosemont, Illinois, when the 67-year-old metal icon noticed a fan at the front of the stage holding up a phone, presumably taking photos or video of the band as they performed “Judas Rising”.

Thanks to the fan-shot video above, Halford can be seen running up to the edge of the stage and executing a perfect Bruce Lee-style martial arts kick, sending the phone flying out of the fan’s hand and up into the air in one smooth motion.

According to the Blabbermouth site, eyewitness accounts indicate that Halford was frustrated that the camera’s light was turned on while filming, which Halford apparently found to be a distraction while he performed.

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Halford isn’t the only performer who doesn’t like phones being used during concert. During a recent stop on his “Never Ending Tour”, rock legend Bob Dylan halted his concert mid-song when he witnessed a fan taking photos, a practice he’s banned at his shows. Watch:

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