Nicole Kidman Accidentally Drops A Spoiler About Renata’s Future In ‘Big Little Lies’ Season 2

Nicole Kidman is dropping some major hints about what fans can expect to see in “Big Little Lies” season two, premiering on June 9.

Speaking with Paula Faris from “Good Morning America” on Friday, the “Big Little Lies” star and executive producer accidentally reveals the future of Laura Dern’s character Renata Klein while playing coy about the ending of season two.

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“I think what’s interesting about the series is that there is truth that’s being sought,” Kidman says. “The series is so much about the reality of females and their friendships and what they go through and how they navigate life.”

She continues, “We’re still dealing with abuse and healing from abuse; dealing with mothers and the ramifications of certain types of mothering. We’re dealing with friendships and when you’re trying to protect each other.”

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Making reference to Dern’s character, Kidman says, “When you look at Renata, as well, you’re dealing with a woman who has an abundance and has spent her whole life building this empire to then have it crumble.”

Quickly realizing her mistake, she clarifies, “I gave something away. Stay tuned!”

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Meanwhile, Kidman reveals that she brought her daughters on set during filming and they will even make an appearance in season two.

“You see them fleetingly in the classroom scenes,” she says. “There is something wonderful about bringing your children to work and them seeing what you do.”

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Going on to explain that originally “there was nothing in place for another season,” the actress contends that it was “the passion of the fans” that brought the Emmy Award-winning limited series back.

Kidman adds, “In a different way, the story has really only begun because now you delve deeply into all of these women and the ramifications and the consequences of what’s happened.”

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