Chris Hemsworth just loved playing a fat Thor.

In the latest, and final, “Avengers” instalment, Hemsworth played his beloved hammer-throwing God for the last time, but after *SPOILER* enemy Thanos executed the Snap, Thor lost everything causing him to become depressed and gain weight.

And during an appearance on Friday’s “The Graham Norton Show”, Hemsworth, 35, revealed he had a lot of fun with it.

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“I wore a prosthetic latex suit that weighed 60 to 70-pounds,” he explained. “I had so much fun and got a lot of cuddles… I felt like Santa Claus.”

Even co-star Robert Downey Jr. loved Thor’s new look, “Robert Downey gave me a fair share of belly rubs,” he revealed.

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Later on, Hemsworth discussed his latest project, “Men In Black: International”, which reunited the star with “Thor: Ragnarok” co-star Tessa Thompson.

“It’s an extension of the original set up, which was brilliant,” he teased. “It’s got a different aesthetic, but with all the fun and action of the original. Everyone loved the first one and we’ve just enhanced it.”