Wiz Khalifa Smokes ‘An Ounce’ Of ‘Khalifa Kush’ Weed Every Day

Wiz Khalifa can really smoke.

The “Young, Wild & Free” rapper dished on his daily marijuana habits in a new sit-down on Joe Rogan’s podcast, “The Joe Rogan Experience”. Khalifa talked about how he has ascended spiritually compared to his peers.

“How are you doing it spiritually?” Rogan asked. “Through that giant jug of weed you have on the table?”

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“Exactly. Stay high,” Khalifa laughed, with Rogan chiming in, “For the folks that are listening, Wiz brought a mason jar filled with weed.”

The 31-year-old rapper revealed he only smokes one strain of pot, his own strain called Khalifa Kush. “I’ll get physically ill if I don’t smoke my strain. I’ll get a runny nose, I’ll start coughing,” he told Rogan. “I need KK.”

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Rogan asked Khalifa how much marijuana the rapper smokes every day. “Probably an ounce,” Khalifa said, generating a slightly surprised expression from the podcast host. “We burning a cool ounce.”

“I don’t smoke that much,” Rogan reflected. “More like a joint a day. I’m a lightweight.”

Meanwhile, there were other topics discussed beyond weed, with Khalifa also discussing such topics his new work-out regimen and passion for mixed martial arts training.

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