John Rich Teams Up With Fox News’ ‘The Five’ For New Song ‘Shut Up About Politics’

Country singer John Rich wishes everyone would “Shut Up About Politics”.

One half of the Nashville duo Big & Rich, the 45-year-old singer has teamed up with Fox News’ “The Five” to create the song at the behest of the show’s Greg Guttfeld.

“Politics sucks, especially when it sneaks into places where it shouldn’t be,” Gutfeld told viewers when he introduced Rich as a guest on Thursday’s show.

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“Decades ago, our reliance on politics got out of hand when the political is now personal and vice versa,” he declared. “Now politics rears its ugly face at football games and superhero shows and we’re sick of it!”

“Shut up about politics / Ain’t nothing but a big pile of dirty tricks / I’m tired of all the fighting and the b***hing fits / So shut up about politics,” Rich sings.

“We had the chat about, it would be fun to come up with a song when you guys came to Nashville,” Rich said during his appearance, explaining how the song came to be, “and [Gutfeld] said, ‘I’ll send you some ideas’ … and you had some really good lines, and ‘Shut up about politics’ was in there, and so I pulled that one out and built the song.”

Proceeds from “Shut Up About Politics” will benefit Folds of Honor, an organization that offers scholarships to children and spouses of disabled or deceased military service members.

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