Scottie Pippen is suing a couple who rented out his Miami home, claiming that they left the place “trashed” — and accuses their 5-year-old daughter of vandalism.

The Miami Herald reports that Pippen recently amended an earlier lawsuit that he filed against Lindsay Glazer and Jacob Woloshin, naming their child in the suit and claiming that the girl defaced his property by drawing on the walls with markers and crayons, accusing the couple of being “failures as parents” for permitting the child to “deface certain elements of the property with markers, crayons, and/or cause damage of similar nature.”

The couple had temporarily rented Pippen’s home, paying $30,000 per month, after their own home was damaged by Hurricane Irma in September 2017.

According to Pippen’s lawsuit, the former NBA great was planning to put the place on the market, but agreed to rent to the couple under the condition that they maintain the home in “top show condition.”

In the amended complaint, the former Chicago Bulls star alleged that the couple’s pets —  a dog and a cat — were allowed to “urinate throughout the home, thereby causing permanent stains and unsanitary conditions.” Pippen also accuses the couple of “literally stealing personal items, including a Cuisinart knife set and other utensils.”

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“The allegations contained in the lawsuit are false and in many instances, preposterous,” Glazer Woloshin told the Miami Herald via email Thursday. “As an example, it is important to note that after my family and I moved out of the house, Pippen imposed a claim for damages on the security deposit of $50,000, however, after our attorney formally objected to this claim, Pippen eventually returned the entire deposit.”

She also claims that the home “was in poor condition when we first moved in and we left it in a much better condition,” adding: “We have no intention on paying the amount demanded by Pippen and we will aggressively defend the lawsuit.”

Meanwhile, Glazer Woloshin’s publicist issued a news release on her behalf in which she disputed Pippen’s claims she ripped off his knives. “One of the crimes alleged in the suit, which is purported to have occurred at the Pippen residence, is the suspected theft of Cuisinart cutlery,” she says in the release. “A quick Google search reveals that a set can be purchased in assorted colours as a 12-pack on Amazon for $13.83.”

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In a tongue-in-cheek attempt “to help Scottie out,” she launched a GoFundMe crowdfunding campaign to replace the missing missing knife set.

“Making the list of the most financially irresponsible players in NBA history is no easy feat, so we’re turning to the public to help him out in these trying times,” Glazer Woloshin said in the release, citing a 2012 Bleacher Report article. “While we’re not responsible for the alleged damage and missing items he and his attorneys claim, we want to raise the whole $13.83 by turning to Mr. Pippen’s fans.”

Pippen is seeking $109,000 in compensation for the damage he alleges was caused to his home.