Jon Hamm Gives His Thoughts On The Stanley Cup Finals: ‘I Have Very Strong Opinions On New England Sports. Very Few Of Them Are Positive’

Jon Hamm is known for his iconic roles in “Mad Men”, “Black Mirror” and “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” but did you also know he is a massive hockey fan?

Luckily for the actor who grew up in St. Louis, his team is in the Stanely Cup finals against the Boston Bruins.

Before Game 3 of the finals on Saturday, superfan Hamm met with the press where he recalled the 1982 World Series between the Cardinals and the Milwaukee Brewers.

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“We lost Game 1 and we won Game 7 and I didn’t know what to do,” Hamm recalled. “I was a Cardinal fan throughout the ‘70s. I didn’t think we would ever go to a World Series, much less win one. It was weird wandering around. No one knew what to do. Everyone was randomly screaming.”

He added, “I think if this happens, it’s going to be that (the 1982 experience) times infinity.”

Hamm also told reporters of when he first became a Blues fan while they played at the Checkerdome.

“Those were back in the days when you could smoke in an arena. So the top third of the building was just smoke.” Hamm said. “But it was still so exciting to watch, especially as a little kid. It’s guys flying around on the ice, it was like nothing you’d ever seen. So it goes back to being a little kid and being around for a lot of heartbreak and a lot of expectations that we didn’t quite live up to, but a lot of fun.”

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The actor claims he isn’t that superstitious but is “wearing pretty much the same outfit as game seven against the Stars.” He is also growing a playoff beard.

However, he is a “nervous spectator”. “I literally brought Pepto-Bismol.”

As for his thoughts on the Bruins. “I have very strong opinions on New England sports. Very few of them are positive,” he said.

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