Getting the perfect Instagram picture can be a painstaking process, that is unless you have Liam Hemsworth taking your pic.

The actor turned to Insta where he shared some black and white photos he took of Miley Cyrus while praising his wife on the same day her latest album dropped.

“Girls got talent. She might just make it…WOW to the awesome dude (me) for taking such an incredible photo. #husbandgoals ;),” he teased.

In another shot, he modestly wrote, “I’d say there’s a 48% chance I’m actually the BEST photographer ever.”

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Hemsworth certainly has skills behind the camera or Cyrus can’t take a bad picture.

On Friday, the singer released her six-track EP She Is Coming which features “The Most” where she references her hubby. She sings, “Oh, and even in my darkest days, even in my lowest place/You love me the most/And even when I can’t stay, even when I run away/You love me the most.”

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After an on and off relationship, the couple tied the knot right before Christmas 2018 with a family affair. The wedding was intended to be private but one friend didn’t get the memo and shared pictures on Instagram.