John Oliver Recruits Jane Krakowski To Explain The Dangers Of Medical Devices

John Oliver took on another complex subject on Sunday’s “Last Week Tonight”, calling for a little help from “30 Rock” alum Jane Krakowski.

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In a 20-minute segment, Oliver informed viewers about the $156-billion medical devices industry, revealing that one in 10 Americans has some kind of medical device in their bodies.

“Turns out the robot apocalypse was inside us the whole time,” the host laughed.

As Oliver explained, not all those devices are safe, with 80,000 deaths and 1.7 million injuries a year resulting from medical devices.

Part of the confusion stems from the different definitions between a device being “FDA approved” and the lower-bar “FDA cleared.”

“Like when a cereal says it’s part of a complete breakfast,” Oliver joked. “Anything can technically be part of a complete breakfast. If you ingest it alongside oatmeal, granola, yogurt, and a glass of orange juice, heroin can be part of a complete breakfast.”

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At the end of the segment, Oliver brought in Krakowski to help raise awareness of the potential dangers of medical devices.

“Treat medical devices like guys who have played Batman,” Krakowski joked. “Some are great, but new ones aren’t necessarily better, and there are a few you definitely don’t want to let inside your body.”

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