Drew And Jonathan Scott Talk ‘Property Brothers: Forever Home’, Balancing Work Life And Family

Everyone’s favourite twin brothers, Drew and Jonathan Scott, are back and they’re on a mission to turn ordinary houses into dream homes with their new series “Property Brothers: Forever Home”.

While chatting with ET Canada’s Sangita Patel at the 2019 Corus Upfronts in Toronto, the brothers opened up about their brand new home renovation show which sees them giving full-scale renovations to properties in order to deliver houses that exceed the chosen couple’s wildest dreams.

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“‘Property Brothers: Forever Home’ is the next part of our ‘Property Brothers’ adventure,” Drew says. “We love our fans, we renovate almost 45 houses a year for fans. So, they were saying ‘Property Brothers’ is for people who are buying, but what about all of us who already own a house and it just isn’t quite working for us, but we still love it?”

“We wanted to dig into the heart of the story, what made people fall in love with the home and fix all the functional stuff that isn’t working,” Jonathan adds. “We want you to fall in love with the home again.”

In contrast to their previous series, “Property Brothers: Forever Home” lets the homeowners have the power when it comes to choosing what gets renovated.

“I used to get made fun of because they said I was the heartless brother cause I would go in and make fun of everything in the home – and then fix it,” Jonathan admits. “This time, we want the homeowners to tell us, like walk us through how you use the home and sometimes it’s the kids! We’ll have 4-year-old kids who walk us through and say, ‘I hate that there’s no dishwasher, cause I’m the dishwasher!'”

“We’ve kinda taken the best of all these different shows, cause you know we have the fun moments like you see on ‘Brother vs. Brother’, we have the dramatic makeovers like on ‘Property Brothers’ but that’s the part of the story we’re really focusing in on – the heart of the story, really following the story of the homeowners,” Jonathan adds.

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Although the 41-year-old brothers may be building houses for growing families, Drew and his wife Linda, 34, aren’t planning on having kids anytime soon. But, that doesn’t mean they aren’t looking forward to one day having children of their own!

“We do want to have kids. I mean even yesterday we were hanging out with our nephews and nieces… we spend a lot of time with them,” Drew explains. “So, I look forward to that happening one day.”

Even though his brother may be thinking about the future of his family, Jonathan is making 2019 all about himself.

“I’m focusing on me, I’m focusing on getting my career in a place,” Jonathan says. “Our schedule is getting better so I can go out and do things. It wasn’t easy, the last four or five years – there were some years I only had six of seven days off the entire year, so it’s nice now to be in a good place.”

Tune in to the series premiere of “Property Brothers: Forever Home” on Monday, June 3 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on HGTV Canada.

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